ESCAPE. That's what we needed. Joe and I love to travel and had been searching for the perfect getaway. Above all else, it had to be beautiful. But it also had to have plenty of opportunites to explore and relax. We found the perfect place in Medford & The Rogue Valley. It's in Southern Oregon, just a few miles over the California border, about halfway between San Francisco and Portland. It was the hidden gem we'd been looking for. --Emma



Crater Lake was our last stop on this incredible trip. It's the deepest lake in the United States and the bluest we've ever seen! It was formed almost 8,000 years ago after a volcano collapsed. Stopping by Crater Lake was a wonderful way to end the weekend.


This was the perfect weekend getaway—definitely one of our favorite vacations ever. And one we'll never forget. Beautiful scenery, great restaurants, live music and AMAZING wine! We just wish we stayed more than three days. There was so much more to do! We can't wait to come back and explore even more!